The basics of programming with jQuery

JQuery is known for its simplicity and ease of use thus getting your feet off the ground with JQuery shouldn't be that hard. As with any other language if you have previous experience with JQuery you'll find it a lot easier, if you have knowledge of Javascript it would be even more easier as JQuery is pretty much a simpler version of Javascript. Lets look at some of the basics with JQuery.

This is an example of the do-while repetition used where the condition is checked after the code is executed. There are similar syntax for the other repetition types in JQuery as well.

The above aspects cover the basics to get you started with JQuery, personally I'd recommend learning Javascript and then learning JQuery or any other alternative library should be a breeze as it is based on the same principle. For additional guidance the official JQuery website has dozens of tutorials and a comprehensive documentation get more familiar with the language.