Useful javascript scripts

There are several javascript scripts freely available for download to extend the functionality of certain or all websites in general. Appending these scripts to websites can be done using an add-on in most browsers. For Firefox, Opera and Chrome, a plugin known as Greasemonkey allows this. Internet Explorer has a different plugin known as Trixie that mimics the feature of Greasemonkey. There are several useful scripts available online; they can be used to enhance your surfing experience or it can also be used to get more familiar with the language by perusing through the source code. Here are X of them:

Those are just 5 javascript scripts that can come in handy when surfing online or if you are looking to develop a javascript application. There are dozens of other scripts to choose from. is the place to visit if you are looking for free scripts online, and we suggest for the best free web tools, almost all of them developed using JavaScript as well!