What is AJAX?

AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) is a collection of old technologies with slight deviations to each of these technologies. These groups of technologies comprise of the following aspects, namely:

Ajax allows displaying web pages with interactive, efficient and quick interfaces, the benefits behind ajax have pushed several web developers to program websites by implementing ajax, web giants like Google, effectively utilize ajax in their web applications like Gmail and Google Maps.

While on first impressions using the collection of the above 4 technologies to develop a website may appear to be baffling, digging in further you will find it no different to a writing a script using syntax similar to ordinary web development technologies like Ajax. Let's look at the above aspects in a little more detail:

As aforementioned, these technologies have existed for quite some time however the slight differences in the way the functions plus the combination of the above technologies is how Ajax works. Basically the XML, XSLT and XMLHttpRequest work in a system where javascript requests can be sent to the server and results of the processing can be retrieved without reloading the web page. A nice example of a full site using AJAX without a single page refresh, check bert.ws!

Ajax can work with almost all mainstream programming languages like HTML, asp.net, perl, etc. The rapid shift with webmasters using ajax for their website interface is quickly making ajax a vital requirement for web developers to be familiar with.